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The Elojo Directory has changed ownership. All previous link partners are welcome to re-submit their listings. Listings are reviewed carefully and according to our due diligence standards. Please email us at: admin(at), if you desire to list one or more sites.

By applying these listing policies we ensure that the quality of this sites value passes through to websites listed here.

In 2015, search engines have updated their algorithm factors. Contrary to certain opinions in the world of Internet Marketing, directories remain a factor for your Internet score or Pagerank, as long as the listings fulfill certain criteria. Listings should help readers to understand more about your business and should not be duplicated in wording compared with your listing in other directories.


Great Offer ! - Submissions are free and will be inserted manually ! As you can see, we do not have automated submissions.


Quality Sites and Content Only ! We have tightened our due diligence standards and only accept quality sites that offer unique content. Sites must be registered, have a history as well as social media presence.